Getting started

To enrol a student at Yanchep Beach Primary School you will need to:

Thank you for choosing to start your child’s education at YBPS. We know how important a good start is and since opening in 2014 almost 1000 local kids have been enrolled in our Kindergarten program.

If your child is born 1 July 2019 – 30 June 2020 they are eligible for Kindy 2024.  Enrolments for 2024 open Monday, 1st of May, and are due back Monday, 31st of July.

If parents or carers can not attend the school during regular hours we are very happy to make arrangements for the application form to be emailed or collected through alternative arrangements, contact the school office on 9562 8250.

Requirements & Policy

The enrolment of a student is governed by the School Education Act and requires a minimum of two pieces of approved evidence. If you would like to know more about enrolment in a government school, please refer to the Department of Education WA Enrolment Policy document linked below.

Our application for enrolment form and further information regarding the compulsory enrolment documentation can be downloaded via the links provided below.

Application for enrolment

Once you have completed and submitted your application for enrolment with the required documentation you will be mailed a full enrolment pack. The completed enrolment pack is then reviewed by the Principal.

After an enrolment is approved by the Principal the student is permitted to begin school within 48 hours.

At Yanchep Beach Primary School we always like to discuss the needs of new student to ensure their transition is as smooth as can be. This can include contacting the previous school or other agency representatives who may be involved.

Local Intake Area

Visit the Department of Education Schools Online page to view detailed information about our school’s local intake area.

Contributions and Charges

Our school sets and annually reviews the amount of contributions considered fair and reasonable for a Yanchep Beach Primary School student.

The current rate is $60 per student. These funds, as stated in the Education Act, are used directly for the benefits of students. For this reason our school board and our P&C encourage families to pay as soon as possible in the year to ensure students receive the benefits of these funds.

Payments & Contributions can be paid:

Enrolment Application Forms and Information


Application for Enrolment 

Pre-Primary to Year Six

Download our printable Application for Enrolment form .

This form is to be completed and returned to the office. 


Electronic Application for Enrolment 

Pre-Primary to Year Six

Download the Department of Education's electronic Application for Enrolment form (pdf). Then email the completed form to yanchepbeach.ps@education.wa.edu.au

Please note: The above enrolment forms apply to pre-primary through to year 6. Kindy enrolment forms must be collected from the office.


Compulsory Documentation

Learn more about the compulsory documentation and details that are required when submitting an Application for Enrolment at Yanchep Beach Primary School.

Dept. of Education Enrolment Policy

Visit the Department of Education (WA) website for the current Enrolment in Public Schools Policy and Procedures. →

School Uniform

Uniforms can be purchased from Uniform Concepts at Clarkson or via the Uniform Concepts / Nell Gray website. For more information continue to uniform →