Uniforms at YBPS

At Yanchep Beach Primary School, we take great pride in the wearing of our uniform. 

See below what is acceptable uniform at our school. If you need help with providing correct school uniform with your child, please contact the school office.

If you need to purchase uniform items for your child this can be done at: 



STORE LOCATION: School Uniforms Only 1/4 Sarasota Pass, Clarkson WA 6030

STORE PHONE: 08 9270 4656

STORE EMAIL:clarkson@uc.nellgray.com.au

Hats are worn everyday

Your child must have a school hat. They will be worn every day throughout the year. 

School shirts - green or faction

Students may wear their green school shirt or (on days they have sport) their faction shirt. 

School dresses are also permitted. 

Grey bottoms

Students can wear the following grey bottoms:


Bike pants and pants with logos are not allowed. 

School jackets

During the cooler weather, students can wear school jackets. There is a fleece option and windbreaker option. Other jackets/jumpers/hoodies are not allowed.

Enclosed shoes

From Kindy to Year 6, we encourage students to come to school wearing enclosed shoes. This allows them to move around safely throughout the day. 

Jewellery & Hair

Earrings: students can wear studs or small hoops. Long dangly earrings are not allowed. 

Necklaces: small necklaces can be worn if they can be tucked under the school shirt or dress. Large chains or necklaces are not allowed. 

Hair: hair that is longer than shoulder length needs to be tied up (this applies to both boys and girls). 

Nails: basic nail polish can be worn; however, fake or acrylic nails are not allowed.