Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Yanchep Beach Primary School opened our doors in 2014 with the latest in architectural design to meet the needs of our learners and programs. Light, large learning spaces well equipped with modern, functional furnishings support our intentions. Energy saving designs are the foundation to our environmental goals and can be found across our wide, well constructed school site.

We have since grown in numbers and had many additions to our buildings through demountable classrooms, a chicken coop, an outdoor classroom space and much more. Read below for more details about our fantastic facilities. 

Nature Playground

Our Nature Playground, was a first for West Australian schools and has been recognised as providing our Kindy and Pre-Primary students with a unique opportunity to play and learn in an inviting natural setting.

Sports oval

Our oval is the same dimension as the MCG and a valuable shared asset to our growing community. 


Our enclosed synthetic surface courts are marked for multiple games, including: tennis; basketball and netball.

School Parking

Parking is available to visitors on all three streets bordering our school. A large carpark is situated beside the school oval. The staff carpark is situated at the front of the school and is shared with the Yanchep Beach Dental Treatment Clinic, delivery services and other contractors.

The City of Wanneroo has published a School Road Safety Awareness booklet which provides information regarding school parking and the rules of parent parking at School.


Our library is a bright, welcoming and engaging space. Students attend the library once a week with their class to borrow books and are able to also borrow and return before and after school. 

Undercover Area

Our undercover area is a gathering space that provides a sheltered venue for activities, assemblies, incursions and community events.

An installed LED video wall and PA system are available for multimedia presentations and other audio visual applications.

Miracle Playground

Our Miracle Playground is a fun space for students from Year 1 to 6 to play during lunch and recess. 

Bilya Playground

Our Bilya Playground is a Nature Playground for our bigger students. It is a place to explore and enjoy during lunch and recess for our Year 1 to 6 students. 

Our Garden

In addition to an insect house, fruit trees and compost bins, YBPS's garden also includes several garden beds. Each bed houses a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables which are maintained by our wonderful parent volunteers. Seedlings and gardening equipment are regularly donated by local businesses, and student-generated compost is used as a foundation/fertiliser. Mature produce is harvested for various purposes including selling back to the community and use within classrooms. As a bonus, YBPS's garden is often utilised as a calm sanctuary in line with our whole-school health and well-being program. 

Chicken Coop

At YBPS we believe that keeping and caring for chickens really is one of the most enriching and educational experiences you can offer students and our school community. 

It helps to engage children outside of the traditional classroom and offers and authentic style of hands-on learning. Our chicken project provides opportunities for children and families to understand the importance of sustainability and positive environmental practices along with developing empathy and respect towards animals and others. 

The "Hen House" was built in 2021 with the support and sponsorship of Bunnings Mindarie and other recycled materials donated by generous community members. It's currently home to 8 feathered ladies who eagerly await their treat of vegie garden scraps each morning and spend their days clucking away and rolling in sand baths. They have made an exceptional addition to our YBPS Sustainable Schools Program.

PingPong Tables

We have two bright ping pong tables that have been installed for students to play ping pong and handball on. 

Music Room

Music at YBPS is offered to all students from Kindy to Year 6 through a practical, hands on approach. In the classroom, students follow a skill-based program that develops music literacy through playing the ukulele, xylophone and a range of percussion instruments. Choir is open to all students from Year 3, working towards a range of performances both within the school and the wider community, including a musical production every alternate year. Students in year 5 and 6 may also be invited to participate in the instrumental program provided by IMSS (Instrumental Music School Services) where they may learn the flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone or acoustic guitar.


Art Room

The Yanchep Beach Primary School Visual Art program covers a diverse range of activities aimed at building a greater understanding of art concepts through creative exploration of historical and contemporary artwork of numerous artists. Miss Taylor the art specialist encourages students to use this as an inspiration in the growth of their own artistic abilities.  

We focus on using a variety of mediums, materials and techniques to create 2D and 3D artwork. Throughout their Primary School years students learn about, experience and explore the ‘Elements of Art’ these include colour, line, texture, shape, space, value and form.  

Artwork is regularly displayed within the school and the art is recognized as an important part of each student's learning journey. 

In the words of Pablo Picasso "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up” and Vincent Van Gogh believes “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”  

Science Room

Regulation Room

Up in our administration building, we have transformed one of offices into a Regulation Room. This is a space where students can be referred to during the day where they need some extra time and space away from the class to help them get back to being Ready to Learn. 

Outdoor Classroom

This was built in 2021 and is a space for students to take their learning outside. This is an ever developing space and one we can't wait to see our students utilising.