Priorities and Planning

Each of our priority areas, which are detailed in our Business Plan, are monitored to determine our effectiveness and have been negotiated through our school board. These areas of priority are:

  • Yanchep Beach PS has successfully begun the process of introducing teaching strategies and philosophies that address the context of WA schools, the local community and the demands of the Australian Curriculum. These include:

Annual Reports

The YBPS Annual Report 2018 reveals the impressive progress YBPS has made across identified priority. The annual report is informed by a school-wide, teacher influenced, year round self-assessment process, helping to ensure the authenticity of the document and the relevance it has in assisting our school achieve its identified goals and targets.

The YBPS Annual Report 2017 reflects on the progress that has been made towards the recommendations from the Independent Public School review (November 2016) as well as providing an account of student achievement and progress, the learning environment, quality of staff, relationships and partnerships.

The YBPS Annual Report 2016 illustrates the growth of the school and celebrates the Independent Public School review findings from November 2016. The emergence of the school’s successful literacy approaches in early childhood and the ongoing success of the Talk for Writing whole school literacy approach coupled with improvements in digital technologies, science and numeracy are clearly explained in the report.

The YBPS Annual Report 2015 demonstrates the growth across all areas and measures in our second year of operation. Whilst our student population exceeded predicted growth our consolidation of learning strategies and school programs continued successfully. A viable measure of our learning achievement will emerge from our third year, (2016), when value-added cohort data analysis will be  available.

Our foundation year annual report highlights our achievements and events as well as the expected student performance data. It is worth keeping in mind the foundation annual report does not benefit from substantial comparative data or analysis. Our YBPS students arrived from around a dozen different educational facilities bringing with them many different understandings and perspectives of schools and achievement levels.