Our Vision

Our school has a clear vision. We intend to be an important tenant within the local community, addressing the local community needs. We aim to be a school of teaching excellence and learning achievement offering a variety of carefully chosen and constructed programs both during and after school hours.

A school of excellence

YBPS aims to be a high performing school, continually striving to be a ‘school of excellence’. To become a ‘school of excellence’ we acknowledge the goals for Australian Education, (Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for young Australians) as follows:

We promote equity and excellence so that all students become:

Fish! Philosophy

We have successfully implemented the Fish! Philosophy as our values framework. The Fish! philosophy was chosen because it is just as useful in the home as it is at school. The philosophy is made up of four main pillars:Play. This refers to a state of mind where we try to bring energy and creativity to everything we do.Choose your attitude. By choosing a positive attitude you are more likely to enjoy every day.Make their day. Making a special effort to make someone else’s day helps you enjoy your own day.Be There. Make an effort to be in every moment, by focussing in the moment you will perform and enjoy your day more.