Keeping Students Safe

Yanchep Beach Primary aims to be a child safe and friendly school. Click on the sections below to learn more about the many ways that our entire school community can help to keep students safe.

FiSH! Philosophy

The FiSH! Philosophy underpins everything that we do at Yanchep Beach Primary School. By encouraging everyone in our school community to play, choose their attitude, be there and to make one another’s day, we aim to create an environment that is positive and safe for everyone. We believe that strong relationships and a positive school culture are the keys to keeping students safe.

Protective Behaviours

As a part of the Western Australian curriculum, all students at Yanchep Beach Primary School learn a set of ‘protective behaviours’. These are important life skills that assist children to deal with challenging situations and to keep them safe from harm. This approach, which Yanchep Beach Primary has adopted since its foundation, is now compulsory for all Western Australian public schools.

The important messages that we would like all students to learn from this program are:

Research consistently shows that teaching protective behaviours is not only effective in protecting children against abuse, but also helps them to deal with other problems that they may encounter, such as playground teasing or inappropriate online content.

Your child will be encouraged to develop a network of trusted adults who can help them if they are feeling unsafe. We encourage you to talk with your child about their network and what they can do if they ever feel unsafe.

You can learn more about the Protective Behaviours program in the following parent resource prepared by the Department of Education.

Safe Schools Coalition

In early 2017, the Yanchep Beach School Board, which consists of majority parent representatives, signed off on our membership of the Safe Schools Coalition. This program was funded by the Commonwealth government and was fully endorsed for use in Western Australia.

The Australian Government funded Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) program has completed. Select resources produced under this program will continue to remain available on the Student Wellbeing Hub at

The Hub is the Government’s one−stop−shop for information and resources on student wellbeing for the whole school community including students and their parents/carers. The site includes curriculum−aligned resources on contemporary topics and issues that impact on the wellbeing of students.

The key message remains the same for Yanchep Beach Primary School, we are an inclusive community and that bullying of any form has no place in our school.

Curriculum Content

As a part of the sign-off process in 2017, members of the Board reviewed the curriculum materials available for primary school students to ensure that they were appropriate for primary school students. I would invite you to take a look; you will find that more sensitive topics are simply not discussed with students in a primary setting. (Please note that much of the commentary in the media about Safe Schools relates to the high school curriculum or the Victorian version of Safe Schools, which are not relevant to YBPS).

Our membership of the Safe Schools Coalition is really not about curriculum content. Our teachers simply continue to teach the same Western Australian Curriculum that is taught in every WA school. Rather, it is about accessing valuable resources, services and training to help staff support students and their families, especially those from diverse backgrounds. This program will be used to help us up-skill our staff and help ensure our school is a safe place for all students. This fits really well with the FiSH Philosophy which has been a part of the school since its foundation.

Despite what the media might have you believe, we simply want every child to be safe and free from bullying so that they can focus on their learning!

Digital Citizens

At Yanchep Beach Primary School, all students are taught to be safe and responsible digital citizens. This is particularly important for students in Years Four, Five and Six who are part of the Press Start iPad program.

Want to learn more? We have prepared a quick guide to social media and a range of specific parent guides to some of the most common social media services:

Positive Behaviour Support

All teachers at Yanchep Beach Primary School have completed child protection training. By educating students about protective behaviours and working with agencies such as the Department of Communities, our goal is to keep all children safe from abuse and neglect. Our child protection policies align with the Department of Education’s Child Protection Policy which requires teachers to report any instances of suspected abuse or neglect.

Yanchep Beach Primary has an active PBS
(Positive Behaviour Support) team. We are committed to the idea that
children need to be explicitly taught the behaviours that we expect them
to show at school.

Our team has grouped these behaviours under the following five headings. These will form the basis for a comprehensive behaviour education program.

While we will never ignore inappropriate behaviour, we believe that investing in our students and teaching them to make positive choices is the most effective way of building a strong and supportive school culture.