Talk for Writing™

What is Talk for Writing™?

Talk for Writing is an engaging teaching framework developed by Pie Corbett, supported by Julia Strong. It is powerful because it is based on the principles of how children learn. It enables children to imitate the language they need for a particular topic orally, before reading and analysing it, and then writing their own version.

Australia's First!

Yanchep Beach Primary School is Australia's first accredited Talk For Writing™ school!

Yanchep Beach Primary School is Australia’s first accredited Talk for Writing training school and the first established outside of the United Kingdom. At Yanchep Beach Primary, children are immersed in Talk for Writing from Kindergarten to Year 6. Its three phases, Imitation, Innovation and Independent Application, mean that children are explicitly taught how to write specific story types and how to create certain effects in their writing. Our aim is for students to learn how to write with confidence, fluency, imagination and accuracy at a word level, sentence level and text level.


We begin by spending a great deal of time with oral story-telling which continues as an important component across all forms of story and text types and throughout primary school.


Children are encouraged to ‘have a go’ at writing from Kindergarten through role-play writing and use of phonic skills and knowledge.


The goal of the teaching of writing is to develop children into successful independent writers; by the time students are in upper primary we aim for them to produce writing using sophisticated writing techniques that engage readers. At Yanchep Beach Primary teachers are expert models of the writing process, teaching grammar in daily shared writing sessions and there are regular opportunities for children’s writing and ideas to be shared, displayed, published and celebrated.


Strong writing skills are fed by good reading habits and the best writers in any class are readers. A rich reading experience helps children to internalise a living library of stories, poems and non-fiction, like a template or building blocks that can be used for their imagination. Talk for Reading, incorporating Reading as a reader and Reading as a writer, strengthening writing and teaching reading comprehension in a clear and logical sequence, is the process by which we ensure all of our students have these building blocks. This process is based on whole class modelling and shared reading, as well as effective guided and independent reading practices in order to examine and explore high-quality written texts and magpie ideas for future writing.


Our teachers regularly share and demonstrate their expertise of the Talk for Writing process to teachers from both government and non-government schools all over Western Australia. Yanchep Beach PS teachers constantly update their skills through professional learning delivered through the Talk for Writing network in WA and globally.


If you wish to be part of one of our Talk for Writing open days, please book through the Dyslexia Speld Foundation at

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