iPad FAQs

Useful Information for parents

Here are some quick links and information that you may find useful if you have a child bringing their own iPad to our school as part of the Press Start program.


This section is currently being updated. Please check back soon.


Do I need to pay for iPad apps required for school?

How are school Apps added to our iPad?

Why has our iPad been renamed?

What is Meraki?

Why does Meraki keep trying to install Apps?

Can you find our missing iPad?

What information can the school/Meraki access on our iPad?

Who at YBPS has access to the Meraki iPad management system?

Does my child need an Apple ID & password?

What Apps will be added to our iPad?

How do I remove a school App?

Who can I speak to regarding a concern related to our iPad?


Meraki Management is required while the iPad is being brought to, and used at YBPS under the Press Start program. If the iPad is no longer to be brought to school, Meraki can be removed. Removal of Meraki will also remove most school provided apps (some free apps are not set to auto uninstall).

Removing Meraki Management 

  1. 1. Open the Settings App.
  2. 2. Tap General
  3. 3. Tap Device Management
  4. 4. Tap Meraki Management
  5. 5. Tap Remove Management

IMPORTANT: most Apps provided by the school with be uninstalled automatically along with their data / documents. Please take appropriate steps to export or save any work your child wishes to keep.