Coronavirus Information

This page provides some important information regarding how Yanchep Beach Primary School are monitoring and managing the current challenges created by COVID-19. We have also provided links to other websites with useful information for our school community.

Learning At Home Resources

For resources, information and help, see our dedicated Learning At Home page which includes:

Wellbeing and Support

For more information

YBPS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions.

What am I expected to do with the department’s website? We are mixing it in with what we will advise, it has been designed for parents to use how they see fit.


Where can I find updates from the school? We will use Special Edition Newsletters, SMS system and our social media options to communicate as we need.


Is my child safe at school? Are you making them wash their hands? Our cleaning regime has always been very strong and well managed. We have soap dispensers in our students’ toilets and always have had. We have been teaching students hygiene as often as possible. Social distancing measures have been in place for two weeks since first announced.